MyExceLab logo provides direct links to a series of excel spreadsheets that cover most topics routinely covered in introductory financial accounting and managerial accounting courses. Each spreadsheet is unique and based upon a specific learning goal. The intrinsic methodology of each sheet is based on one of three approaches: problem solver, calculation robot, or generalized illustration. In each case, you will enter data/and or solutions, and receive interactive feedback, solutions, and instruction.

These MyExceLab spreadsheets were developed by Professor Larry Walther, and are additionally linked to his online textbook at Feel free to refer to that website for additional reading and video material that can be used to facilitate your understanding of each topic. Topics covered are:

The Accounting Cycle Using Accounting Information
Current Assets Managerial and Cost Accounting
Long-term Assets Budgeting and Decision Making
Liabilities and Equities  

Click on one of the links above to go directly to a topic or proceed to a detailed Table of Contents.