Using Accounting Information

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Financial Reporting and Concepts
     Special Reporting Situations:
  Calculating Basic EPS Excel link  
     Earnings Per Share And Other Indicators:
  Profit and Equity Ratios Excel link  
  Special Reporting Excel link  
     Objectives And Qualities Of Accounting Information:
  Accounting Qualities Excel link  
     Key Assumptions:
  Key Assumptions Excel link  
     Issues In Global Commerce:
  Foreign Currency Transactions Excel link  





Financial Analysis and the Statement of Cash Flows
     Financial Statement Analysis:
  Financial Statement Analysis Excel link  
     Cash Flow And The Statement Of Cash Flows:
  Cash Flow Categories Excel link  
     Direct Approach To The Statement Of Cash Flows:
  Calculating Operating Cash Flows Excel link  
  Indirect Reconciliation Excel link  
     Indirect Approach To Presenting Operating Activities:
  Indirect Approach Excel link  
     Using A Worksheet To Prepare A Statement Of Cash Flows:
  Cash Flow Worksheet Excel link