Managerial and Cost Accounting

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Introduction to managerial Accounting
     Planning, Directing, And Controlling:
  Managerial Accounting Concepts Excel link  
     Cost Components:
  Cost Characteristics Excel link  
     Financial Statement Issues That Are Unique To Manufacturers:
  Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured Excel link  
  Critical Thinking About Cost Flows Excel link  





Cost-Volume-Profit and business Scalability
     Cost Behavior:
  Cost Behavior Excel link  
     Cost Behavior Analysis:
  High-Low Method Excel link  
  Method of Least Squares Excel link  
     Break-Even And Target Income:
  Critical Thinking About Margins Excel link  
  Break-Even and Target Income Excel link  
     Sensitivity Analysis:
  Sensitivity Analysis Excel link  
     CVP For Multiple Products:
  Multiple Product CVP Excel link  





Job Costing and Modern Cost Management Systems
     Job Costing Concepts:
  Job Costing Excel link  
     Tracking Job Costs Within The Corporate Ledger:
  Entries for Job Costing Excel link  
     Accounting For Actual And Applied Overhead:
  Actual and Applied Overhead Excel link  
     Modern Management Of Costs And Quality:
  Managing Costs and Quality Excel link  





Process Costing and Activity-Based Costing
     Process Costing:
  Process Costing Excel link  
  Equivalent Units Excel link  
     Equivalent Units:
  Cost per Equivalent Unit Excel link  
  Journal Entries for Process Costing Excel link  
     Cost Allocation To Completed Units And Units In Process:
  Analysis of Process Costing Flows Excel link  
     Activity-Based Costing:
  Concepts in ABC Excel link  
  Application of ABC Excel link