Budgeting and Decision Making

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Budgeting: Planning for Success
     Importance Of Budgets:
  Budget Characteristics Excel link  
     Budget Processes And Human Behavior:
  Budget Processes Excel link  
     Components Of The Budget:
  Budget Components Excel link  
  Sales Budget Excel link  
  Materials Budget Excel link  
  Labor and Overhead Budget Excel link  
  Cash Budget Excel link  
     Budget Periods And Adjustments:
  Budget Periods Excel link  





Tools for Enterprise performance evaluation
     Responsibility Accounting And Management By Exception:
  Responsibility Accounting Excel link  
  Performance Reporting Excel link  
     Flexible Budgets:
  Flexible Budgets Excel link  
     Variance Analysis:
  Materials Variances Excel link  
  Labor Variances Excel link  
  Variable Factory Overhead Variances Excel link  
  Fixed Factory Overhead Variances Excel link  





Reporting to support managerial Decision Making
     Variable Versus Absorption Costing:
  Absorption v. Variable Costing Excel link  
     Segment Reporting:
  Segment Reporting Excel link  
     Measures Of Residual Income:
  Residual Income Excel link  
     Concepts In Allocation Of Service Department Costs:
  Allocating Service Department Costs Excel link  
     Leveraging The Power Of Modern Information Systems:
  Leveraging Information Systems Excel link  





Analytics for managerial decision making
     Cost Characteristics And Decision Making Ramifications:
  Critical Thinking about Relevant Costs Excel link  
     Business Decision Logic:
  Considering Capacity Issues Excel link  
  Special Orders Excel link  
  Discontinue Product Decisions Excel link  
     Compound Interest And Present Value:
  Compound Interest and Present Value Practice Excel link  
  Present and Future Value Excel link  
     Evaluation Of Long-Term Projects:
  Net Present Value Excel link