The Accounting Cycle

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Chapter 1 - Welcome to the World of Accounting
     Accounting Information:
  Managerial Accounting Excel link  
     The Accounting Equation:
  The Accounting Equation Excel link  
     How Transactions Impact the Accounting Equation:
  Pay an Account Payable Excel link  
  Buy Inventory with Cash Excel link  
  Provide Services for Cash Excel link  
  Incur Expenses on Account Excel link  
  Transaction Impacting More than Two Items Excel link  
     The Four Core Financial Statements:
  Evaluating Changes in Retained Earnings and Equity Excel link  
  Statement of Cash Flows Excel link  
  Impact of Transactions on Financial Statements Excel link  





Chapter 2 - Information Processing
     Accounts, Debits, And Credits:
  Applying Debit/Credit Rules to Accounts Excel link  
  Determining Account Balances Excel link  
     The Journal:
  Making Journal Entries Excel link  
     The General Ledger:
  Preparing and Posting Journal Entries Excel link  
     The Trial Balance:
  Constructing a Trial Balance from the Ledger Excel link  
     Computerized Processing Systems:
  Quick Demonstration of Automatic Processing Excel link  





Chapter 3 - Income Measurement
     The Periodicity Assumption:
  Key Terms to Note Excel link  
     The Adjusting Process And Related Entries:
  Financial Statement Presentation of Prepaids Excel link  
  Adjustment Calculations and Entries Excel link  
  Supplies Calculations and Entries Excel link  
  Adjusting for the Effects of Depreciation Excel link  
  Learning Reinforcement for Adjusting Entries Excel link  
  Balance Sheet vs. Income Statement Adjustments Excel link  
     Accrual Versus Cash-Basis Accounting:
  Conversion Tables for Cash to Accrual Excel link  





Chapter 4 - The Reporting cycle
     Preparing Financial Statements:
  Steps in the Accounting Process Excel link  
  Preparing Financial Statements from an Adjusted Trial Balance Excel link  
     The Accounting Cycle And Closing Process:
  Closing Entries and Impact Excel link  
     Reversing Entries:
  Reversing Entry Comprehension and Practice Excel link  
     Classified Balance Sheets:
  Preparing a Classified Balance Sheet Excel link  
    Business Liquidity And The Operating Cycle:
  Quick and Current Ratios Excel link